The life raft.

During the course of Stranded Deep, travelling becomes a key factor to survival, as it helps the player to search further for more necessities, should the player run their supplies dry. To be able to travel, the player will need a Vehicle to aid them. While it is not easy finding an available working vehicle in the Pacific Ocean, the player is able to make do with the materials and tools they have to create one suitable for travel.

Following the jet crash in the game's introduction, the player will have immediate access to a small life raft, which can be used either for main travel or as storage. When the appropriate tools and materials are available to the player, they will be able to create an alternative means of travel.

The following lists all usable vehicles in the game:

Aside from usable vehicles, the player may occasionally discover the decaying remains of sea vessels and aircraft under the ocean, both of which contain valuable items that may aid the player in their survival.

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