Tips Edit

  • When holding a compass, draw a real life map to help you navigate. You can use the label maker to label an object on the island, to allow you to identify the island against your real life map.
  • Backup your game saves frequently. The save.json is your save file; it should be located in: Program Files (x86)/Steam/SteamApps/common/Stranded Deep/Stranded_Deep_x64_Data. Copy the save.json file to another location on your computer (a separate folder works well). Delete the current save file and paste the backup file when you need to reload the backup save. You can save before doing something risky (like fishing or hunting sharks) and quit without saving and load the game again if you are attacked or poisoned.
  • An ominous soundtrack will play when a shark locks on to you; use this as an indicator.
  • When climbing down palm trees, turn away from the tree to avoid the chance of falling off while coming down.
  • If you cannot find a compass, use the sun and the moon to navigate.
  • Rock shards are an efficient way to kill crabs, harvest plants, cut down trees or open coconuts, as rock shards have infinite durability, allowing you to save the durability of other tools.
  • If you find yourself in the open ocean, lit flares can allow for significant protection and extra time to climb back into your raft or explore a shipwreck in the presence of a shark. Exercise caution, however, as the flare does not provide physical protection and sharks may still attack you.
  • Flashlights and torches are effective for spotting sharks at night, as well as for deep-sea explorations.
  • Tiger shark attacks can be delayed by staring at them (with your crosshairs pointed directly on them).
  • Sharks and marlin make distinctive noises when they swim close. Listen for this noise to know when either creature is present.

Exploitable Glitches Edit

2015-04-02 00002

Pushing a rock against the life raft to propel it forward.

Super-Fast Rowing Edit

It's possible to row the life raft with the paddle at about two to three times per second. Since you gain the most speed at the beginning of the animation when you row the paddle, this is one of the fastest transport methods between islands.

Start by rowing with the paddle while inside the raft by holding down the left mouse button (this is the button set as your "Use" function by default) and while the animation for rowing is playing and still holding down the left mouse button, press escape to pause the game and enter the menu screen. Select Save, and if you are prompted with a pop-up asking if you would like to overwrite the previous save, press 'OK.' As soon as you press 'OK,' quickly release and then click-and-hold the left mouse button again. The animation for rowing should be cutting itself off mid-way and you should be rowing between two to three times per second. This will propel you forward at extremely high speeds.

Physics Boat Engine Edit

The life raft can be propelled without the use of a paddle using any medium-sized item (e.g. a coconut, a rock) by holding them against the edge of the raft with the 'drag' key (default 'RMB'). Items that are too small (e.g. rock shards) will slip through the raft. The harder the item pushes the raft, the faster the raft will go in that direction. This may be considered the fastest method of travel in the game, rivaling the speed of the "motor raft".

The Bulwark Raft Edit

2015-04-03 00001

The Bulwark raft structure.

A resilient makeshift raft can be put together with the life raft and a normal wooden raft; simply drag the wooden raft over the life raft. To propel this construct, stand on the wooden raft and drag the life raft in the desired direction. Do not use a paddle, as paddles tend to slide the whole thing apart.

This raft allows for controllable and constant speed, swift turns, and is extra resistant to being bumped and flipped over (sharks cannot plow through this raft). This raft, however, sinks when loaded with too many items, but can hold a few. However, if the raft does get dismantled, it can be difficult to drag both rafts to an island.

While this method probably isn't as fast as the Physics Boat Engine, it does not lag far behind in terms of speed, and is more easily kept constant.

Palm Tree-Riding Edit

It is possible to ride a palm tree from an island to another. First, cut a tall palm tree. Then jump on top of it, right-click and hold one of the ends and move the cursor up so the palm tree will slant up. Press and hold the 'forward' key (default 'W') and start travelling in the desired direction. It is possible to float above the water this way.

As of v0.02, it is harder to ride palm trees, but still possible.

It is easier to ride twin "cloned" trees, as it is wider and lessens the chance of falling.

Comparison With Rafts Edit

Pros: Edit
  • You can hold another item in your hand (e.g. lantern, flare, etc.) while travelling.
  • The palm tree will be almost invulnerable to sharks (it will only wobble a bit when bumped) and you will be secure above the water.
  • You can still view the watch, but you cannot change the watch mode.
Cons: Edit
  • Pressing LMB or releasing RMB will cause the palm tree to drop and sink (if you are above the water), and will render it difficult to retrieve or re-position.
  • Sometimes, the palm tree will face upright, causing it and the player to drop to sea level and become vulnerable to sharks. However, it is possible to re-orient the palm tree to slant again.
  • The speed is rather slow, equivalent to walking.

Speed Use Edit

Hold an item/tool you want to use (e.g. a paddle), and hold LMB as usual. Then press ESC, release LMB, then resume and quickly continue holding LMB. This will cause the player to hit or paddle at 2x speed (barrages of 2). If this is done again without releasing LMB in between, the speed will increase to 3x or even 4x, with 4x being the limit; if you attempt to travel any faster, you will stop using the item (the reason for this is unknown).

This glitch is very useful when travelling, enabling you to go to another island very quickly without risking being chased by sharks. 2x speed is best for life rafts, as more speed will cause you to be left behind by the life raft.

It is also useful for other tasks such as chopping trees, at four barrages per hit. Even with a rock shard, a tree can be knocked down in 5 to 6 seconds, faster than using a crude axe or even an axe via the normal way.

Multiple Tree Harvesting ("Cloning") Edit

Stranded Deep x64 2015-02-25 17-50-25-59

Many "cloned" trees. This shows that this is a glitch that can be deliberately exploited by the player.

A recurring glitch enables palm trees to yield more than one tree when cut down.

When using the Speed Use glitch on any cutting tool, and is timed perfectly so that it does not create a barrage of hits, but rather simultaneous hits, it will cause a palm tree to yield more than one tree. Practice is definitely needed to develop this skill, and because the speed limit of the Speed Use glitch is four barrages, it is theoretically possible to do four simultaneous hits, yielding four trees from one. However, this would be really difficult to achieve.

Simultaneous hits are easy to identify, as the tool used by the player does not hit in quick successions, but strikes at normal speed with a louder sound.

This glitch is very useful on saving resources and is easier to achieve with weaker tools, since more hits are needed before the tree goes down, meaning a larger chance to perform simultaneous hits.

Trampoline Glitch Edit

Stranded Deep x64 2015-02-20 20-25-08-04

Bouncing off of a bed using the Trampoline glitch.

Since v0.02, if you drag an item with RMB, it will not collide with the player as long as the RMB is still held, preventing "flight"; this fix, however, creates another glitch.

When standing on the center of a flat surface (e.g. a bed) before grabbing the item (causing you to fall through it) and then releasing it, the player will be sent high into the air like jumping off a springy trampoline. This glitch works on other objects, but apparently works best on beds. Exploiting this glitch on a bed, it is possible to bounce to the roof of a building.

Landing on the bed or another interactive object (excluding buildings) will prevent fall damage from bounces.

Note: For beds, this glitch only works for those crafted prior to v0.02.

Infinite Tool Glitch Edit

Stranded Deep x64 2015-02-22 19-32-01-06

A bugged crude hammer.

Tools that are crafted or found in versions earlier than v0.02 will become unbreakable (the pictured example is from v0.01.H1 to v0.02.H1).

Needs confirmation, whether it is a bug or a glitch.

The Cockpit Glitch

In the tutorial when the plane crashes if you swim out to the side of the cockpit of the plane and push agaist the window you will be able to glitch into the cockpit but you are not able to move or pause so it is a bad idea