The Tiger Shark is a type of Shark encountered in Stranded Deep. They can be found living in shallow ocean biomes such as the Islands. Tiger sharks can be identified by their dull gray coloration, along with their distinctive stripes that run down the length of their body. Tiger Sharks are rather aggressive and will attack the player on sight. It will retreat if it gets hit with any weapon, thus making the Crude Spear very useful against it.

Behavior Edit

The Tiger Shark is one of the many aggressive enemies encountered in the game, along with the Great White Shark and the other variants of Sharks. When a Tiger Shark spots the player, it will slowly head towards them, pushing their raft in an attempt to bump them out or bite them if they are in the water. Once the player is knocked out of the raft, the tiger shark usually proceeds to swim away rapidly.

One must exercise caution when facing a tiger shark in open water; due to its speed coupled with the low visibility underwater, it is easy to lose track of the shark. After about three strikes from a weapon, the tiger shark will swim away momentarily before returning to attack with almost lightning speed that is difficult to counteract. If the player continues to strike at the shark with repeated swings, it will eventually attempt to swim out to open water to avoid further injury before returning much later.

When attacking, the tiger shark will take bites at the player, causing minor injuries. The tiger shark is also capable of dragging the player through the water and towards deeper parts, causing the player to get Bleeding. If the player has a weapon equipped, they can fight the shark as they are being pulled around, which will eventually cause it to let go. Despite its intense aggressive behavior, the tiger shark will keep its distance if the player maintains eye contact with it (hovering the cursor over the shark). As of Update 0.04.H2 Tiger sharks will attack you when looking at them if you initiated the fight.

Usage Edit

Once the shark is killed, the player is then able to drag the corpse onto land to dissect it for food. It can be skinned with a knife, producing a few chunks of Large Meat and some Rawhide. This will provide the player with a substantial amount of food to last them for a while. The rawhide will allow the player to make leather using the Tanning Rack.

Notes Edit

  • Tiger sharks are arguably the most dangerous enemy in Stranded Deep, due to their relentless aggression and speed of attack.
  • According to the save files, tiger sharks spawn with 200 health.
  • Refined Axes are considered to be an effective weapon for hunting tiger sharks. Although the Speargun works just as well, it is more difficult to obtain than a refined axe.
  • As of v0.03.H2, the spawn chance of a tiger shark has been adjusted from 100% down to 30%.
  • Tiger Shark can be killed with 8 thrown Crude Spears.
  • Tiger Sharks can also be killed with 6 Refined Spears (4 Refined Spears at level 5 Hunting Skill in Version 0.70.02, at least).


  • It was possible to kill any shark while it was not within striking distance by holding down the 'use' button (LMB by default) after the initial strike. This also applied to most sea fauna, excluding small fish. It was also possible, however, to lose the shark's corpse if it went too far out at sea when it died.

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