Tented Raft
Tented raft
A large inflatable boat equipped with a sun roof, oxygen tank, and light.
Type Movable Object (Vehicle)
Use To travel the ocean, between islands.
Appearance Upcoming Update(Presumably)

The Tented Raft is the third means of transportation offered in Stranded Deep. The raft itself appears to be a much larger inflatable emergency raft with a black-and-orange coloration and a more durable build, complete with a built-in sunroof. Along with its increased size, it comes equipped with various gear, including an oxygen tank and a light. The tented raft is currently the largest mode of transportation in the game, surpassing both the life raft and the wooden raft in both functionality and size.

While the tented raft exists within the game's files, it is currently not featured in the game as a proper entity. The raft can only be obtained by spawning it in using mods. However, conflicts with the model's design prevent it from being used as a regular raft - the raft cannot be moved across the water, as the model simply sinks and drags against the sand.


The tented raft is intended to be used as another mode of transportation for when travelling across the ocean. With the sunroof and the double-layered body structure, the tented raft is considered the safest and most structurally stable of the three vehicles in the game. Currently, however, there is no way for the tented raft to leave land without the bottom scraping against the shore.

Despite the raft holding a light and an oxygen tank, neither item can be used to the player's advantage; currently, both items act as aesthetic elements of the raft's appearance.

Version HistoryEdit

Version Release date Summary of changes
0.01 Jan 23, 2015 Data for the raft found in the game's files.