Stick Wood Icon
Yep... Just a stick.
Type Craftable
Storable Yes / 4
Usages - Used to build and craft numerous items
- Firewood
Looted From - Found laying around newly discovered islands
- Obtained from cutting up Logs

Sticks are a resource item found in Stranded Deep. Being a basic resource, sticks are considered a crucial material for many crafting and building recipes.

Types Edit

There are currently two types of sticks found in Stranded Deep:

Obtaining Edit

Loose sticks can be found laying around on islands if one does not have access to a cutting tool of any kind. Alternatively, one can acquire sticks from chopping up palm tree logs with any cutting tool, such as a crude axe or by simply cutting down ficus trees. A third method is chopping up driftwood piles.

Like other resources and items, such as palm trees and rocks, the number of available sticks on an island is finite, meaning the player can completely exhaust their supply if they craft too many items; at this point, the player will then need to traverse neighboring islands in order to find additional resources.

Usage Edit

Sticks are primarily used as a crafting ingredient for many recipes - tools, such as the crude axe and hammer, require the stick's use for the handles, while other structures, such as the campfire and fire spit, require the stick's use for the basic build.

In addition to being used as a crafting material, sticks, as well as palm fronds, can be used as fuel for lit campfires. They can be placed in a campfire either while it is burning or after it has burned out.

Should an item specifically require "Sticks" to build, then both Driftwood and Wood Sticks can be used for crafting the item.


  • Before the v0.01.H1 hotfix, there were not very many naturally spawned sticks found on islands. The spawn rate has since been fixed.


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