Steps are a buildable item in Stranded Deep. They are often used to reach a second floor or when a Foundation is built too high. To be able to craft steps, the player will also will need a crude hammer or a refined hammer equipped beforehand.

Steps Edit

There are five types of steps

Steps Wood Wooden Steps
( 1 Lashing and 4 Wood Sticks )
Steps Driftwood 1 lashing and 4 Driftwood


Steps Plank Plank Steps
( 3 Plank Scraps )
Steps Corrugated Corrugated Steps
( 3 Corrugated Scraps )
Steps Steel Steel Steps

(3 Clay Bricks)

Trivia Edit

  • Steps are thus far the only crafting or building item to have the resources needed for crafting changed.
  • The "Steel Steps", along with many other "Steel" crafted materials, currently requires Clay Bricks. Whether or not the Steel scrap item will return in future updates is unknown.