Solar still
SolarStill Icon
Type Structure
Behavior Uses Palm Fronds and Fibrous Leaves to create drinkable water.
Items Required ×1[[|Coconut Flask]] ×1[[|Palm Frond]] ×3Rock IconSM ×1Tarp Icon ×1Lashing IconSM
Storable No
Usages Collecting fresh water

The Solar Still is the only structure that continually produces drinkable water. Once constructed, you will need to place Palm Fronds or Fibrous Leaves underneath it. Solar Stills do not gather water during rainfall.

To operate, hold an empty Drinkable Coconut, Water Skin or Clay Water Bottle and Interact with the still. This will remove one "water charge" (maximum 5) from the still and fill a coconut, or add one serving to a Water Skin or Clay Water Bottle.

The Solar Still requires the following resources to construct:

×1 Coconut Flask
×1 Palm Frond
Lashing IconSM ×1 Lashing
Tarp Icon ×1 Tarp Panel
Rock IconSM ×3 Rocks


• Despite having palm fronds in the actual game model, the solar still doesn't require any in the crafting recipe.

Stranded Deep Tutorial -1 - How to make a Solar Still!

Stranded Deep Tutorial -1 - How to make a Solar Still!

Update: Now requires one fibrous leaf or palm frond for each unit of water (4 total at a time).