Shark meat
Meat Shark Icon
A large fillet of shark meat.
A large chunk of shark meat.
A large shark fin.
Storable Yes / 4
Usages Restores Hunger
Cook Time 1 minute 30 seconds (Fin & Fillet)
2 minutes (Chunks)
Looted From Blacktip Reef Shark
Great White Shark
Tiger Shark

Shark meat is a type of food item found in Stranded Deep. It can be obtained from butchering shark corpses. Depending on the shark butchered, it will yield shark meat fins, shark meat fillets or shark meat chunks.

Obtaining Edit

The player is able to obtain shark meat from a shark after dissecting its carcass with any cutting tool (e.g. a crude axe). Tiger and great white sharks will yield two fillets, one fin and one chunk; blacktip reef sharks will yield two fillets. Despite not being a shark, a marlin will also yield three fillets.


Each piece can be cooked over any campfire, with the fire spit being the preferred method, so that the player does not have to monitor the shark meat while it cooks. The amount of time it takes to cook each type of meat varies for each one: it takes one minute and 30 seconds to cook a fin or fillet, and two minutes to cook a chunk.


When eaten cooked, a fin can restore up to three units on the player's hunger bar, while a fillet or chunk can heal up to six or seven units. Cooking and eating a chunk is currently the most efficient way to heal oneself.

Eating any of the cuts raw will induce vomiting, and will lower the player's hunger bar by a large amount, as well as up to three health units.