Sharks are a major fauna type encountered in Stranded Deep. During the course of the game, the player will encounter one of the many known varieties of sharks. Sharks can be found in abundance in any part of the ocean, whether it be in the shallows or in the deeper depths. The type of shark that can be found depends on the location being explored.


Sharks usually attack on sight, but not always. If a shark keeps its distance, it is only curious. However, if it starts to circle inwards and begin sudden movements, then the likelihood of an attack is greatly increased. Shark attacks are rare, and the likelihood of a fatal attack is even rarer. However, a survivor at sea is a much more vulnerable target.

Sharks are attracted to vibrations in the water. Activities that may put the player at risk of being detected include:

  • Fishing for long periods at a time
  • Splashing and diving
  • Leaving waste for bait
  • Bleeding

Larger sharks, such as the tiger and great white sharks, can prove to be very dangerous to the player if they are not careful. Provoking a larger shark will almost always lead to aggressive behaviour. Provided the player has a weapon that they can equip, they will be able to ward the shark off for a while if ever they decide to attack.


Sharks will not attack while being observed directly. Behaviours differ depending on the attacking shark: tiger sharks will flank the player and attempt to bite from behind, while great whites will often sideswipe or charge from the depths. If the player is detected by a shark while standing in a raft, the shark will slap the raft around in an attempt to knock them out and into the water. These behaviours mimic those of real-life sharks. For inexperienced players, it can be very easy for them to become disoriented and lose sight of the attacking shark if trying to face one underwater, due to several factors, such as the low visibility of the environment, the speed in which the sharks swim, as well as the sense of fear (either of the shark or of the deep ocean in which it dwells).


When killed, a shark will be able to provide the player with a substantial amount of food to last them for a while: larger sharks, like the tiger and great white sharks, will provide the player with more Large Meat and Rawhide from their carcasses.

Types of Sharks Edit

Do note that even though the Reef Shark is still in the game, it is purely aesthetic in nature, it cannot be interacted with in any way.

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