Sea urchin
SeaUrchin Icon
Scientific Echinoidea
Species Sea Urchin
Storable No
Usages None
Cook Time N/A

The sea urchin is a stationary creature encountered in Stranded Deep. They can be found resting among the coral in the shallows or on the sea bed in the deep ocean. They can be identified by their spiny appearance and reddish-black coloration.

Currently, sea urchins cannot be interacted with in any manner; attempting physical contact with a sea urchin will cause the player to contract poisoning. Due to the diverse life around the ocean floor, sea urchins may be hard to spot, so the player should be wary when exploring.


  • Currently, Sea Urchins, along with Starfish are the only creatures that can't be interacted with.

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Version Release date Summary of changes
0.04.E2 Fixed material rendering without transparency.
0.01 January 23, 2015 Added to the game