Rafts are created from three components - a base, a floor and propulsion. You must first construct a raft base with the various kinds of buoyant scrap you can find. A floor can then be added to the base from which propulsion and other attachments can be added.

Portions of the raft can be removed by striking the portion with a crude axe or refined axe. Nothing will drop, and the portion being removed will simply be destroyed, leaving the rest of the raft intact.

Bases Edit

There are four different types of Raft Bases:

Raft Base Wood Icon Wood Bundle Raft Base ( 14 Wood Sticks and Lashings)
Raft Base BuoyBalls Icon Buoy Ball Raft Base (requires 5 Buoy Balls and 2 Lashings)
Raft Base Tyre Icon Tyre Raft base (requires 2 Tyres and 1 Lashing)
Raft Base Barrels Icon Barrel Raft Base (requires 3 Barrel Scrap and 2 Lashings)

Floors Edit

There are five different types of Raft Floors:

Raft Floor Driftwood Icon Driftwood Raft Floor (requires 4 Driftwood Sticks)
Raft Floor Wood Icon Wood Raft Floor (requires 4 Wood Sticks)
Raft Floor Plank Icon Plank Raft Floor (requires 2 Plank Scrap)
Raft Floor CorrugatedSteel Icon Corrugated Raft Floors (requires 2 Corrugated Scrap)
Raft Floor Steel Icon Steel Raft Floors (requires 2 Steel Scrap)

Propulsion Edit

There are Three types of installed propulsion mechanisms for rafts:

Sail Icon Sail (requires 2 Wood Sticks, 1 Cloth and 1 Lashing)
Rudder (Requires 2 Wood sticks, 1 Cloth, and 1 Lashing)
BoatMotor Icon Boat Motor (requires 1 Fuel tank, 1 Propeller, 1 Carburetor, 1 Engine, 1 Duct tape, 1 Lashing and 1 Stick)
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