During the course of Stranded Deep, one may find the occasional wreck lying somewhere under the ocean. Plane wrecks are large underwater structures introduced in v0.02 of Stranded Deep. They are the dilapidated remains of different aircraft that have passed over the surrounding area sometime in the past. These types of wrecks are considered a rarer variant of the more common shipwrecks that are found underwater and near islands. Plane wrecks are normally found in relatively deep parts of the ocean, such as the Barren and Sand Plains biomes, and are usually surrounded by either rocks or a lush variety of coral. Players are able to find plane wrecks directly below bubble markers on the ocean surface.

Each plane wreck appears to be an American World War II-styled propeller-driven aircraft, a curtiss C-46 commando. The plane wrecks each hold one propeller per wing. The tail section of each aircraft appears to have been detached by considerable force, as if it had been blown off by an explosion, but no signs of where it could be located have been discovered. These aircraft may have been shot down by Japanese forces in World War II, but thus far, there are several possible causes: The Sea Forts (While Functional), Lusca, provided her tentacle whip ability, or the Moray Eel with its jumping ability.

Since plane wrecks do not usually rest too deep underwater and do not contain many compartments or containers, it is relatively easy to scout out and loot the entire structure in one dive.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Usually some of the compartments or crates are blocked or overlapped by rocks or coral reefs. This can sometimes be bad because it can destroy essential items.
  • The presence of several ship and plane wrecks, as well as other man-made structures such as the sea forts and buoys, suggests that people have explored these areas long before the main character's marooning. From their current state of decomposition, it can be assumed that several years have passed since their sinking/crashing/abandoning.
    • Despite the decaying appearance of the ships' and planes' shells, coupled with how far down into the depths they currently rest, the supplies they hold within are oddly well-preserved, to the point where they are still in perfect working condition.

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