Planes are major features in Stranded Deep. During the game's introduction, the player is seen travelling on a Flinear private jet from California to Tokyo, Japan. During this sequence, the player has the ability to craft a flaming martini from different ingredients - the game's version of a tutorial. Approximately half-way across the Pacific Ocean, the jet crashes into the ocean after an explosion causes sudden decompression in the main cabin. The jet is last seen after the player swims out of the wreckage toward a life raft, where they observe the downed aircraft in the water, before one of its still-running engines explodes, knocking the player out.

After the player becomes marooned, they are able to catch glimpses of what is assumed to be passenger jets passing over the area at random times. Along with functioning planes, the dilapidated remains of older aircraft can also be found resting on the ocean floor.

Currently, planes cannot be signaled for rescue. It is speculated that planes will be implemented as a means of escape in the future, and that it would allow for better use of items, such as the flare gun (should the player acquire one), to signal for help.

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  • All crashed planes that can be found are old twin-engine propeller aircraft. Not a single modern plane, including the player's own ill-fated aircraft, can be found.
  • Swirling around the water inside the plane that the player is in is a newspaper with the headline"Shark claims another victim" which foreshadows the encounters with sharks that the player may face.

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