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A palm tree.

Palm Trees, also sometimes known as the "Tree of Life", are large perennial plants found in Stranded Deep. In-game, they are generated solely on island biomes. Palm trees act as the player's main source of logs, sticks, palm fronds and coconuts. Currently, palm and ficus are the only trees that can be chopped down for wood; the nearby mangrove trees and ferns are purely for aesthetics.

Palm trees are capable of carrying up to twelve coconuts. Players are capable of either climbing the tree or chopping the tree down to acquire the coconuts. Over time, new coconuts will regrow underneath the fronds in places where other coconuts had been plucked beforehand, making living trees valuable. Palm trees are also the only tree that can be climbed to the top to view the surrounding area.

Chopping a tree down can only be accomplished if the player is equipped with a sharp tool of any kind (e.g. a pocket knife or a crude axe). Once chopped down, palm trees do not grow back. If an island is completely exhausted of its supply of trees, players will be required to travel to neighboring islands to acquire wood.

Depending on the height of the tree, palm trees will hold one to four trunks in itself.

However, in v0.08.h1, you are unable to cut down palm trees, which means you are unable to obtain palm fronds as well.

Known Glitches/TipsEdit

  • Chopping down a palm tree when using the 'speed use' glitch can yield more than one tree. As speed use is limited to 4x, theoretically it is possible to harvest four trees from one (although it would be very difficult). More information can be found here.
  • As of v0.01.H1, if the player leaves any part of a chopped palm tree on an island and travels far enough away to cause the island to despawn before returning, the tree or log will have disappeared.
  • Leftover tree stumps will disappear once the player reloads the game.
  • If a player drags a palm tree whilst standing on top of it, they will be able to drag themselves, along with the tree, up into the air.
    • Beam Team Games have claimed that they had fixed the issue with being able to pick up items (i.e. sharks and palm trees) and fly around whilst standing on top of the entity. It has been fixed for sharks, but not for trees.
  • When exploring shipwrecks with exposed hatches, it is recommended to bring a tree trunk at least two logs in length to use as a path out of the hatch, as one could easily get trapped inside with no way out.
  • When acquiring coconuts, it is recommended that the player chop the tree down first to allow all of the coconuts to fall to the ground for ease of gathering. While climbing to the coconuts will save the tool's durability, it puts the player at risk of injury from falling.
    • One may make use of a rock shard to completely save on a tool's durability while still chopping the tree down; though slow, a rock shard does not hold a durability meter.

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