The Palm Tree is a tree type in Stranded Deep. They are one of the common trees, like the Ficus Tree. It can be cut down with a wide variety of tools and, depending on the height, will provide about 1-4 Wood Logs. It also has a Palm Part at the top, which can be broken down for 5 Palm Fronds. It is also the only way the player can get Coconuts as the Palm Tree will always grow them. It may just be one of the most crucial parts of Stranded Deep, as they can provide Wood Sticks, Coconuts and Palm Fronds.

The player will need to cut down at least one Palm Tree to make the Plank Station, as a Wood Log is needed to craft it.

Extra InfoEdit

  • Leftover tree stumps will disappear once the player reloads the game.
  • It is possible to cut down a Palm Tree with a Stone Tool. However, this take very long and is very ineffective.
  • Palm Trees do not regrow coconuts on custom islands.

Gallery Edit

Tall Palm Tree
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