Palm Fronds (also known as Palm Leaves) are a resource item found in Stranded Deep. Being a basic resource item, palm fronds are considered a crucial material for refuelling the Water Still recipes.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

Palm fronds can be obtained by cutting down a Palm, which is at the top of a Palm Tree. Palm fronds used to have the highest fuel amount in game, but it has changed to be the second lowest.

Usage[edit | edit source]

It can be used as a crafting material, palm fronds, as well as Wood Sticks, can be used as fuel for Campfires. They can be placed in a campfire either while it is burning or after it has burned out.

Palm fronds are also used in a Water Still to produce drinkable water. While holding the frond, you look at the base of the still and left click to add. Each frond will produce one unit of water, which can be drunk directly from the still, or collected in a flask to be stored for later use while more fronds are used to produce more water.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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