The Megalodon is one of the three bosses found as a part of the mission “Megalodon”. It has the same amount of health as the Moray Eel, but has different abilities and a much deadlier attack. It is overall considered not too difficult, but when under prepared, it can easily be fatal. It is highly recommended to carry 2 stacks of Bandages as the Bleeding effect will come into play here. It used to give a Gyrocopter Part, but in the later updates it was changed to an Aircraft Part. It takes roughly 2 stacks of arrows to kill it if you use the speargun. If you're hidden on your raft he will attempt to bump you off the raft, if that fails he will jump out of the water and attempt to bite the player while in the air. If in the water attempt to swim downwards or upwards in a rapid succession to dodge it. After an arrow or depending on how fast you use the arrows it will attempt to bite you. One bite is equivalent to a little over 1 cube of damage.

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