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Megalodon Icon
Type Mission Boss
Scientific Carcharocles megalodon
Species Shark
Behavior Aggressive
Storable No
Usages Enables Trophy

This shark is only found in one location: one of the mission sea forts. Upon activation of the sea fort mission "Megalodon", a wrecked fishing ship with a dead humpback whale entangled in its net is spawned nearby.

The Megalodon is found feasting on the whale's corpse, with a section of the body already eaten or ruptured enough that a bone can be seen. What appears to be a location tracker can be seen attached to the shark's fin. Upon being approached, it stops eating and enters into combat against the player.

It is noteworthy that the shipwreck seems to be floating, as there is no floor below it, and the wreck itself seems to comprise only the surfaced part of the hull. And is 1.1 bigger than the great white in game


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