Marlin Icon
Creature / Food
Scientific Istiophoridae
Species Billfish
Behavior Aggressive
Health 125
Storable No
Usages Harvest 3 Leather
Harvest 3 Large Meats

The Marlin is a large hostile fish encountered in Stranded Deep. Marlin are often found in Deep Ocean biomes.


Marlin are often seen travelling through the water alone. When idle, the marlin is docile and will swim aimlessly around the ocean. When detecting the player, they become aggressive and will attempt to flip the player's raft over by forcefully ramming into them, knocking anyone on-board into the ocean. The marlin will do this from below, often without any warning, so one must exercise caution when passing over them. If encountered in the water, the marlin may charge the player and attempt to slash their character with their long bill, causing serious bleeding.

With a health level as low as 125, the marlin is considered the most fragile hostile creature in the game as of the current build. However, what they lack in health they make up for in speed, as they are extremely fast and hard to catch.


Once a marlin is killed, the player will be able to either drag it to shore to butcher the corpse, or do so under the water. Marlins are primarily found near deeper areas away from land, and killing one will most likely cause its corpse to sink to the bottom of the ocean towards the seabed, making it slightly more difficult to retrieve. Butchering the corpse with any sharp tool will drop three shark fillets. This will provide the player with a substantial amount of food to last them for a while.


  • A common misconception is that they're the fourth type of shark, along with Tiger Sharks, Blacktip Reef Sharks and Great White Sharks.
  • Marlin are the only member of the billfish family to appear in the game thus far.
  • As of v0.03.H2, the spawn chance of a marlin has been adjusted from 100% down to 25%.


Version HistoryEdit

Version Release date Summary of changes
0.03.H2 Apr 30, 2015 Decreased marlin's spawn rate from 100% to 25%.
0.01.H1 Jan 27, 2015 Fixed marlin disappearing after death.
0.01 Jan 23, 2015 Added to the game.