A locker is a type of loot chest found in Stranded Deep. Lockers can be found inside shipwrecks. They can be opened and closed by holding down the 'use' key (default 'LMB').

Lockers are found in most shipwrecks, often held in the crewmen's or captain's quarters or in the cargo hold. Like the typical locker layout, lockers hold two to three compartments: one small upper compartment for smaller necessities, a larger lower compartment for bigger objects, and occasionally a third middle compartment for other necessities.

Items that can be found stored in the top (and middle) compartment of a locker include:

Items that can be found stored in the bottom compartment of a locker include:

Notes Edit

  • Despite the outwardly appearance of decay on the actual container itself, the items it holds within it seem oddly well-preserved, even after an unknown amount of time spent underwater.
  • There are four different colors of lockers found in the game: yellow, green, blue and red.
  • Along with regular loot-filled lockers, broken lockers that contain no items can be found in sea forts.