Lionfish are aquatic animals in Stranded Deep. They are mostly found in shallows and near the open sea.

Description[edit | edit source]

Lionfish are passive swimmers that can be distinguished from other fish by their vibrant coloration and deadly stingers. If touched, it will inflict poisoning that can only be cured by using an antidote. They are usually found near the open sea. Lionfish is extremely useful due to it being one of the ingredients for crafting Shark Repellent. Dead Lionfish cannot poison the player.

Lionfish can be killed and skinned using a refined knife, although it is not recommended to use them for food.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Due to lionfish being poisonous, the player must be especially aware of these creatures. On top of that, the player will also need to look out for potential shark encounters in the area, which can be solved by either hunting down the sharks in the area or by using shark repellent. These fish can only be caught by using fishing spears and fish traps.

A good strategy would be having a few spare antidotes - the player can go hunt lionfish and get poisoned on purpose, eliminating the threat of dying by poisoning if they get cured right after the hunting session. The player does not need to cure themselves after getting poisoned each time, but will need to keep an eye on their health to avoid accidental death.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • In the latest PC patches, Lionfish cannot poison you if it's dead.
  • Even though the fish itself is poisonous, when killed and skinned the meat will be edible after cooking.
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