Lionfish Icon
I really shouldn't be holding this
Creature / Food
Scientific Pterois
Species Fish
Health 0 (Can be killed with a spear)
Storable Yes / 4
Usages Shark repelant

Lionfish are medium-sized fish found in Stranded Deep. They can be encountered in the reefs. Lionfish can be distinguished from other fish by their distinctive 'floral' fin shape, as well as their striped patterns.

Despite their size, lionfish can prove to be very deadly to even a fully-grown human being (i.e. the player); physical contact with a lionfish will result in poisoning, similar to the sea urchin. Approaching a lionfish trapped in a fish trap will produce the same effect.To heal the poison you can take antibiotics

The player is able to catch a lionfish using a crude spear or a fish trap. Once obtained, however, they are of little use to the player, as holding or consuming it, regardless of whether it was cooked or not, will cause the player to induce poisoning or vomit.

Lionfish is one of the ingedients to make shark repelant.


  • In older versions of the game, the lionfish was the only fish to have a unique inventory icon. All other fish shared a generic discus icon.