Life Raft
A small inflatable raft stored for emergency evacuations.
Type Movable Object (Vehicle)
Use To travel across the ocean, between islands.
Appearance Start of game

The Life Raft is a small emergency raft, and acts as the starting vehicle in Stranded Deep. It is the first of two vehicles currently available to the player in the game (the second being the wooden raft), and one of three total existing rafts in the game's files (the third being the tented raft).

The player's character first enters the raft following the plane crash during the intro. When starting a new game, the player will spawn near an island, standing inside the raft with a Paddle at their feet.

Uses Edit

The life raft is used to travel across the ocean between islands. When setting foot on an island, the player is capable of dragging the life raft (RMB by default) onto the beach to prevent it from drifting away.

Alternatively, if one were to prefer the wooden raft, the life raft can be used as a form of storage - one can use the raft to prevent loose items, such as potatoes and coconuts, from rolling away.

It is possible to use the life raft as an early form of shelter. This can be accomplished by flipping the life raft over and resting it against a large boulder or structure. At this point, this use seems to be purely aesthetic in nature.

Of the two rafts available to the player, the life raft is the most stable, but the second slowest form of transportation (when compared to the wooden raft, with and without the boat motor).

The player can also place a bed in the Life raft and sleep on the ocean without it sinking.

Notes Edit

  • The life raft is not craftable. The raft should be looked after, lest the player attempt to travel between islands by swimming.
  • Walking against the edges briefly can be used to move the life raft in the water.
    • The location of the player on the life raft can cause instability when fighting sharks.

Bugs Edit

  • The life raft unrealistically sinks below the water with lightweight cargo aboard; approximately four coconuts or six potatoes, coupled with the player's weight, are capable of weighing the raft down and disabling its buoyancy. However, the life raft will not sink either if the player is off the raft, regardless of how much cargo is on it, or if the player is on board and has these items contained in their backpack.
  • A known glitch with the life raft is to pause the game mid-paddle. This will add another whole stroke to the player's push, doubling their speed. This can be done essentially forever, but it begins to lose control around the third to fourth time.
  • When loading a saved game, the life raft will occasionally vanish. This is caused by the game not properly loading it up, causing it to collide with the ground and disappear.
  • Occasionally, when being attacked by sharks, the raft may suddenly fly out from underneath the player.
  • In earlier versions of the game, the you would be able to hold then hook an item outside the life raft, and walk backwards while still holding the item. This will continuosly propell the raft forward, and could possibly be faster than the motor on the Raft.

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Version HistoryEdit

Version Release date Summary of changes
0.03.H1 Mar 23, 2015 Fixed the erratic buoyancy.
0.01.H1 Jan 27, 2015 Fixed "Bermuda Triangle" bug - rafts no longer disappear when travelling; improved raft functionality with collisions and ladders.
0.01 Jan 23, 2015 Added to the game.