A hard case is a type of loot chest found in Stranded Deep. Hard cases can be found inside shipwrecks, plane wrecks, wrecked rowboats and sea forts. They can be opened and closed by holding down the 'use' key (default 'LMB').

Hard cases are more diverse in spawn locations, as they can be found nearly anywhere where there is a man-made structure lying around. They are known to contain different tools and materials for different purposes, whether they be for crafting, emergency use or practical use. Hard cases found above water can also be used to store the player's smaller items.

Items that can be found stored in a hard case include:

Trivia Edit

  • Despite the outwardly appearance of decay on the actual container itself, the items it holds within it seem oddly well-preserved, even after an unknown amount of time spent underwater.
  • One can see a torn sticker with the word "fugu" inscribed on it if they observe the container's lid.