The Gyrocopter is a Vehicle in Stranded Deep. It can currently only be created using gyrocopter parts and various vehicle parts.

-It cannot carry any additional boxes as cargo storage so you are limited to on character space when exploring.

-You cannot get into a gyrocopter unless there is fuel in the tank and when it runs out of fuel it will eject you automatically upon reaching 0% so always land to refuel with some fuel left.

-The gyrocopter needs fuel using a Jerry Can filled with fuel made at the fuel Still. It will hold 4 units of fuel. You will never find jerrycans with fuel in them in the default game, mods may alter that.

-On a full tank filled the gyrocopter can roughly fly 7-8 squares (so about a 4 square round trip maximum from a home base.

-When the tank runs dry the gyrocopter will fall from the sky with no control but will not be destroyed if it hits an hard surface and will sink in the ocean.

The Gyrocopter is build using the following parts, you must build the frame first then add the other parts onto it


1 gyrocopter part


1 gyrocopter part


1 Engine Part, 1 Fuel Part, 1 Filter part

Cockpit controls

1 Electrical Part


1 Electrical Part, 1 Gyrocopter part.

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