Great White Shark
GreatWhiteShark Icon
Creature / Food
Scientific Carcharodon carcharias
Species Shark
Behavior Aggressive
Health 350
Storable No
Usages Harvest 4 Leather
Harvest 4 Large Meats

The Great White Shark is a type of shark encountered in Stranded Deep. They can be found living in deep ocean biomes, such as the Deep Sea, and are mainly found swimming around at night, though daytime encounters are not unheard of. Great white sharks are also often seen swimming around buoys.

Great white sharks can be distinguished from the Tiger Shark by the lack of a spotted pattern on the body, the darker coat on the dorsal side, and a white spread on the ventral portion of their bodies, along with their larger size.

Behavior Edit

When swimming around idly, great white sharks have a fairly sluggish movement speed and are relatively peaceful. When spotting the player in a raft, they tend to wander around the raft and stay comfortably below the surface. Great white sharks will then circle the player, preparing to attack.

Unlike with tiger sharks, the player cannot prevent attacks by maintaining eye contact with a great white shark, nor can they deter one with the use of a flare. Great white sharks seem to deal just as much damage as tiger sharks. Their almost neutral behavior and average attack damage make them less dangerous in comparison to tiger sharks. Despite this, however, one should still exercise caution when facing great white sharks, as they become more and more aggressive the longer the player stays in the water. Due to the low visibility of the surrounding water under the surface, it can also be very easy to lose track of the shark. Great white sharks are known to sideswipe the player and catch them off-guard, but are also capable of attacking from below.

Usage Edit

Once a shark is killed, the player will be able to either drag it to shore to butcher the corpse, or do so under the water. Great white sharks are primarily found near deeper areas away from land, and killing one will most likely cause its corpse to sink to the bottom of the ocean towards the seabed, making it slightly more difficult to retrieve, unless the player can manage to lure one away and closer to an island. Butchering the corpse with any sharp tool will drop four pieces of shark meat: one fin, one chunk and two fillets. This will provide the player with a substantial amount of food to last them for a while.

Trivia Edit

  • Great white sharks are found off the coast in all major oceans.
  • It is believed that great white sharks attack humans only either when threatened or desperate.
  • As of v0.03.H2, the spawn chance of a great white shark has been adjusted from 100% down to 18%.
  • As of v0.03.H2, great whites will become extremely aggressive if injured, and will charge at the players raft.
  • The Great White seems to be considerably the most aggressive shark, in the game, similar to how most people depict The Great White Shark in real life as "The most dangerous shark ever".

Notes Edit

  • According to the game's save data, the great white shark has 350 health.


  • It was possible to kill any shark while it was not within striking distance by holding down the 'use' button (LMB by default) after the initial strike. This also applied to most sea fauna, excluding small fish. It was also possible, however, to lose the shark's corpse if it went too far out at sea when it died.
    • As of v0.03.H2, this method has been patched, and is now ineffective.


Version HistoryEdit

Version Release date Summary of changes
0.03.H2 Apr 30, 2015 Many tweaks to behavioral traits; increased great white shark's maximum damage values from 2000 to 3350; sharks now regenerate 0.5 health per second after 320 seconds have passed since last receiving damage; decreased great white shark's spawn rate from 100% to 18%.
0.02.H1 Feb 15, 2015 Fixed "jiggly" ragdoll model; fixed immobility after an attack; fixed the player being marked as "being attacked" which prevented great white sharks from attacking; minor tweaks to aggression levels.
0.02 Feb 14, 2015 Fixed "land sharks"; adjusted spawn amounts; adjusted several behavioral traits, including aggression levels and depth locations.
0.01.H1 Jan 27, 2015 Fixed great white sharks disappearing after death; fixed "land sharks" (partial); great white shark can now be damaged with a spear; slightly tweaked AI levels to increase difficulty.
0.01 Jan 23, 2015 Added to the game.