The Fuel Still is an attachment to the Campfire. It allows the player to make fuel from Potatoes however, it is quite difficult, and growing Potatoes in Farm Plots is necessary. To hold the fuel, you need to find a Jerrycan, which can be found in containers or on the ground. One potato equals a quarter of fuel.

-1 potato needs to be grown in a farm plot and will take 48 in game hours to grow, this will require 2 units of water per growth cycle +1 water unit (a plot needs to have 1 unit of water in it as a buffer for the plant not to die)

-To produce 1 unit of fuel =12 units of water every 2 days to grow 4 potatoes

-The best suggestion is build multiple water stills and either keep them filled or allow rainy storm days to fill and keep them as storage. The most secure way to collect water is to farm palm bunches to bring to your home base

-4 palm bunches can be stored in one inventory slot (a total of 20 fronds)

-20 fronds stored in inventory will take up 5 slots , so keeping them as a bunch till you return to your water still location is a better idea

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