The Fishing Rod is a tool in Stranded Deep. It allows the player to fish with only one risk. Unlike diving underwater to catch fish with a Fishing Spear, the player stays on the surface. To fish, the player needs a Bobber. The line may occasionally snap, forcing the player to go get the bobber again. The deeper you fish, the more fish you get. Do note that the player never needs bait to fish.

It is often considered a waste of time, because the player can just use a Fishing Spear and get +20 Fish within 3 minutes. However, the player is at risk of being attacked by a Shark. If the player is low on health and needs food, the Fishing Rod is the better way.

Using[edit | edit source]

When used, the fishing rod has three phases;

-Waiting phase

The waiting phase begins as soon as the rod is cast into the water. This phase is self-explanatory

-Reeling phase

The reeling phase begins once a fish is hooked. During this phase, the player must hold down the primary action button, which will start reeling in the fish. During this phase, the fish will not try to escape, nor tug on the rod. If the player manages to reel the fish close enough to them, it will be added to the players inventory.

(also, the farther out to sea you fish, the bigger fish you will get)

-Tugging phase

The tugging phase begins randomly during the reeling phase. During this phase, the fish will begin tugging on the rod, causing it to start bending. When the tugging phase begins, the player must let go of the primary action button until the fish tires out, reverting back to the reeling phase. If the player fails to let go, and the rod bends too much, it will snap, and the player must go out into the water and retrieve the bobber.

Images[edit | edit source]

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