Fish trap
FishTrap Icon
A crude fish trap.
Fill with bait and catch fish over time. (in theory)
Type Tool
Items Required 4 Sticks
Catching fish

The fish trap is a craftable item in Stranded Deep.

The player is able to craft a fish trap using four sticks, two lashings and two rocks. Once crafted, the fish trap can be baited using crabs, green coconuts, potatoes, or any type of fish. Clicking and holding the 'use' key (default 'LMB') on a fish trap while holding bait will place it in the trap.

After the trap is baited, it can be placed in any part of the ocean to catch fish. It will catch a random Legs on the waters the fish trap is placed in (e.g. if placed in shallow waters, it will only catch smaller fish, such as sardines). It normally takes approximately five seconds for a fish to be caught, but is known to take anywhere from 3-10 seconds.

If a potentially dangerous fish, such as a lionfish, is caught, the player should make sure they are carrying antibiotics before removing it from the trap, as it will poison them.

Currently, it seems that only one bait item can be attached; attempting to add more will show up visually, but will have no effect. Similarly, only one fish may be caught at a time. If more than one bait is added to the trap, the game can be saved and reloaded to catch another fish, consuming all bait in the trap.


  • The trap should be placed in deeper waters to catch larger fish, such as the cod.
  • All bait items work equally well, with sardines and crabs being the most accessible. Uncooked crabs and raw fish act as effective bait items, as using them allows the player to catch fish that are edible raw. If a fish that cannot be eaten raw is caught, it can be placed back in the trap as bait, in order to catch an edible fish.

Notes Edit

  • The fish trap does not work in the latest update.
  • The fish trap is used to catch fish for now, but will later be updated to catch other aquatic animals such as crabs, crayfish etc.
  • Other items, such as the water bottle, can be added into the fish trap as bait. One should be careful of what they place into the trap.