Fish are a major fauna type, as well as a main food source found in Stranded Deep. They can be found anywhere in the ocean, from the shallows to the very depths.

All fish vary in size and shape, with those in the open ocean generally surpassing their shallow reef neighbors in both regards. Open-sea fish are slightly rarer, but generally safe to eat; shallower reef fish can be found in abundance, but are normally poisonous and dangerous, even when cooked through. The player can obtain most fish from spear-fishing, or through the use of a fish trap.

Along with the smaller fish, larger fish like sharks and marlin can be found dwelling among them. The player is able to obtain shark meat after hunting a shark or marlin, however this is considered a highly dangerous practice, depending on the creature being hunted; catching smaller fish is a safer alternative, as it will mostly prevent harm done to the player.

Attributes Edit

The following table lists all fauna types, including fish, encountered in the game, their behaviors, their health levels, as well as any side effects as a result of consumption (if able to be consumed, either raw or cooked). The information gathered in this list is referenced from both the wiki itself and the game's save.json file.

List of Fish Edit

The following lists all fish species encountered in the game (excluding sharks, marlin and stingrays):


  • As of v0.03, schools of fish that move together can be encountered. So far, these schools can be found at and around the drop off between the shallow and deep sea biomes.