A fire spit is a type of campfire that can be crafted by adding three sticks and one lashing to a fire pit. This addition to the regular campfire has the fire pit's fire ring, as well as extra supports holding a small strand of rope to allow food to be held over a lit flame. A fire spit provides fire for 12 hours and can be resupplied with sticks or palm fronds after it has burned down.

The fire spit will provide the player with a much easier way to cook food: rather than dragging the food item over the fire, the fire spit will dangle the food over the fire to allow it to cook without supervision.


Like other campfires, the fire spit will allow the player to cook raw food items such as crabs, shark meat, potatoes and all types of fish.

To use the fire spit, one must hold a type of uncooked food in their hand, then simply left-click on the spit (Note: look at the conjoining of the sticks and hold left-click when the lashing is highlighted in orange, or else you will eat the raw food). Once the food is cooked, a kitchen timer 'ding' sound will be heard. The cooked food can be recollected by left-clicking on the fire spit. Food can also be held manually against the fire spit to cook. While a food item is cooking, one can also drag another piece of food on the ground over to the fire to cook at the same time. However, the player must still continue to hold the food over the fire until the same 'ding' sound is heard.

In order to relight a fire spit that has blown out, the player must first equip sticks or palm fronds and click on the spit to resupply it with firewood before relighting it. It is possible to put out a fire spit before it has run out of fuel by double-clicking on it with an empty hand.


Version HistoryEdit

Version Release date Summary of changes
0.03.H2 Apr 30, 2015 Fire spit now updates attached cookable's name after cooking.
0.03.H1 Mar 23, 2015 Fixed attached cookables becoming stuck forever after destroying a fire spit.
0.03 Mar 21, 2015 Fire spit now displays the attached cookable's name.
0.02.H1 Feb 15, 2015 Fire spit now allows potatoes to be attached.
0.02 Feb 14, 2015 Fixed not being able to remove items from the spit after attempting to do so with a full inventory.
0.01.H1 Jan 27, 2015 Fixed shark meat not attaching to a fire spit.
0.01 Jan 23, 2015 Added item in game.

Known Issues / Bugs Edit

The hitbox sometimes does not allow items to be placed in the fire spit.