The fire pit acts as a durable upgrade to the basic campfire. It seems to act as the medium tier in the type of fires one can create, as it stands above the basic campfire but under the upgraded fire spit, both in terms of durability. After upgrading the campfire, the fire pit extends the duration of a fully refreshed fire to twelve hours.


Like other campfires, the fire pit can be used to cook raw food items such as crabs, fishshark meat, and potatoes, and can also be used to distill water by holding a bucket over the fire. With the fire spit and the campfire, dragging becomes a key mechanic to cooking. To cook a food item, the player must simply drag it over the fire. One may have to reposition or hold it in place while it is cooking, in order to avoid interrupting the process. After the cooking process is complete, it will notify the player with a 'ding' sound.

In order to refresh a fire pit, the player must equip sticks or palm fronds and left-click the empty fireplace. It takes four sticks or palm fronds to fully refresh a fire. The player will be able to stock the fire with firewood while it is burning, as well as after it has burned out.

Bugs Edit

  • (version?) - A fire pit can easily be broken when a player takes a fully cooked piece of meat directly off of the fire-pit, causing it to endlessly loop the cooking noise and keep the fire going indefinitely, rendering it useless for further cooking purposes.


Version HistoryEdit

Version Release date Summary of changes
0.01 Jan 23, 2015 Added