Fibrous Leaves are a resource item found in Stranded Deep. Being a basic resource, fibrous leaves are considered a crucial material for survival. It can be considered the most used item in the game, since this can be used for pretty much anything.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

Fibrous leaves can be obtained by harvesting from a Yucca Tree or by breaking a Palm Sapling.

Most islands should have a steady supply of fibrous leaves, as new palm saplings appear every day, and the yucca tree regrows every two days.

Players can increase their supply by planting Yucca Fruit in a Farm Plot to grow more yucca trees. Wild yucca trees have a small green shoot visible after harvesting, this sprig is a yucca fruit. The fruit will grow over a few days and when grown, as long as the plot remains watered, the planted yucca tree can be harvested every few days. Farm grown yucca do not grow yucca fruit.

Usages[edit | edit source]

As a crafting material it is mainly used to make lashings.

It can be used to refill a water still to provide drinkable water.

It can be used as fuel in a campfire. It provides less fuel than sticks but is a renewable resource.

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