A Door is a buildable item in Stranded Deep. It is often considered the final part to a basic shelter, and can be opened or closed at the player's will. Doors can be crafted using various materials depending on the player's preference. To be able to craft a door, the player will also will need a crude hammer or a refined hammer beforehand.Do note that the Crude Hammer is much slower,so the Refined Hammer is a better choice.

Depending on the player's position, a door can be opened either way. Setting a door from inside the house will allow the door to open outwards while setting a door from outside the house will allow the door to swing inwards. Pressing the "Rotate Object" key can also change it's open/close orientation.

Doors Edit

There are six different types of Doors:

Door Wood Icon Wooden Stick Door
( 1 Lashing and 4 Wood Sticks )
Door Driftwood Icon Driftwood Door
( 1 Lashing and 4 Wood Sticks )
Door Plank Icon Plank Door
( 1 Lashing and 2 Plank Scraps )
Door Corrugated Icon Corrugated Door
( 2 Corrugated Scrap )
Door Container Icon Container Door
( 1 Container Panel )
Door Steel Icon Clay Door
( 2 Clay Bricks )

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