DeadEx box
DeadEx Icon
A mysterious package
Type Awesome
Storable Yes
Usages Easter Egg
Life Span

The DeadEx box (referred to as a "Mysterious Package" in-game) is an Easter egg found in Stranded Deep. It is a medium-sized parcel with an official DeadEx label printed on the side. The box cannot be opened by any means, leaving its contents unknown; however, it can be placed in the player's inventory. Presumably due to extended amounts of time spent in the water, the box shows signs of wear and damage, and its labels appear slightly torn.

The DeadEx box can spawn randomly on an island, and can be found lying on the beach.

The shipping label found on the box reads:

Pacific Ocean
Island Key 45#332
Stranded Deep survivor Colin
Some garbage that makes no sense
clearly goes here... nobody could
possibly read this with its resolution


  • Like other Easter eggs such as the Wollie, the "Land Shark" sign and the diver's slate, when the cursor is hovered over the DeadEx box in the player's inventory, it reads "Awesome" in purple text with a star next to it.
  • "Stranded Deep survivor Colin" is a reference to 'COLIN THE STRANDED DEEP SURVIVOR', the first user to post a comment on the Beam Team Games' website.
  • The DeadEx Box is a clear reference to the movie Cast Away, similarly to Wollie. It references the FedEx parcel that the main character finds while marooned on an island in the middle of the South Pacific ocean.

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