The Crude Axe is a harvesting tool in Stranded Deep. It can be crafted or found in survivor remains.


A crude axe, the weaker variant of a refined axe, is used for harvesting every material in the game apart from rock and clay nodes. Each hit will reduce its durability by exactly 0.03%, so plan accordingly. Its crafting recipe is:

Currently, only these items can be crafted out of crude axes:

Keep in mind your tool's durability when crafting does not matter, meaning a 1% tool will produce the same output as a 100% one.

It is a better harvesting tool compared to a refined knife, but worse than a refined axe. The amount of hits needed to harvest something depends on the player's havesting level.

Crude axes can be picked up and stored up to 4 per slot.


  • Crude axes used to require many more materials than they do today.


Update list

  • 0.42
    • Added Axe sound effects.
  • 0.15
    • Added to the game - derived from the old "Axe".


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