The crab is a crustacean found in Stranded Deep. Crabs can be found in abundance and around the island, however on custom islands they might go underwater.

Description Edit

Crabs can be dragged when dead and can be picked up. Crabs can also be left on a spear.

Food SourceEdit

Crabs are found in abundance. They are easy to catch while using a crude spear or a Refined Knife to kill them and can be cooked using a campfire once skinned. Consuming raw crabs can induce vomiting. Stone Tools are an efficient tool to use to kill crabs, as they are easy to get.


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Bugs Edit

  • Despite the crab's size, after a crab has been killed and placed into the player's inventory, you can throw it back onto the ground, and the crab will change size to the default crab size.
  • Female crabs are in the games files, but don't exist anymore for some reason.
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