Cooking is a gameplay mechanic that allows the player to cook most raw food items, rendering them edible and not poisonous.

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In order to cook food, the player will first need to craft a campfire with five sticks; additionally, one can craft a more durable fire pit with an extra three rocks and the original campfire.

All foods that need to be cooked must first be skinned using a Refined Knife.

With a campfire or fire pit, dragging becomes a key mechanic to cooking. The player can drag any interactive object by clicking and holding the 'drag' key (default 'RMB'). One may have to hold the food item in place or find the right spot to leave it to keep it from falling out of the fire and interrupting the cooking process.
Stranded Deep SURVIVAL GUIDE ➤ How To Craft an Axe, Hammer, Spear & Build A Base, Campfire, & Cook

Stranded Deep SURVIVAL GUIDE ➤ How To Craft an Axe, Hammer, Spear & Build A Base, Campfire, & Cook

Cooking can also be made easier by crafting a fire spit with an extra three sticks and two lashings. Using a fire pit will allow the player to cook food items without having to monitor the process, as the added support will suspend the food item over the fire without causing it to fall out. Players will be free to do whatever they wish while they wait for the food to cook in this way. Once the food is cooked a sound will play to alert the player.

Alternatively, one may also make use of a foundation to aid in the cooking process. Building a foundation over a lit campfire or Fire Pit will allow it to act as a sort of "barbecue grill" that will be able to hold several pieces of food to cook at the same time. As of v0.15, this method will not work with a Fire Spit or Smoker.

As of v0.02, all shark types, all fish types, crabs and potatoes can be cooked over a fire. However, certain fish types, such as the clown triggerfish, lionfish and angelfish can still cause sickness and vomiting regardless of whether they are cooked or not.

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  • As of the game's current build, food cannot "overcook" if left over a fire for too long.