Buoys are non-interactive objects found in Stranded Deep. They can be found floating between islands, normally over deep-sea areas, and are usually surrounded by great whites. While they seem to be stationary, buoys can be jumped on and moved simply by pushing.

Buoys act merely as an aesthetic feature, and cannot be directly interacted with. However, buoys can be used by the player as a marker, to inform them of their current position. Like sea forts, buoys cannot be seen from afar; due to the game's limited render distance, the player must travel a certain distance towards it to be able to see it.

The presence of buoys, similar to other man-made structures and vehicles like shipwrecks, plane wrecks and sea forts, suggests that human travelers or explorers had passed these parts in the past. From their current physical state, it can be assumed that a significant length of time had passed by the time the player becomes stranded.

Issues Edit

  • If one attempts to push a buoy onto the beach, the buoy will start to clip through the ground. This may be due to a collision error.


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