This item has been removed, and was replaced by the Clay Water Bottle in v0.28

Bucket2 Icon
A metal bucket.
Useful for collecting and cooking sea water.
Usages Can be used to refill an empty Water Bottle
Cook Time 1 minute, 30 seconds
Life Span 5 Servings
Looted From Shipwrecks (Console Cabinets)

The bucket is a loot item found in Stranded Deep. Buckets can be found hidden inside console cabinets and lockers contained within shipwrecks or plane wrecks. Also, they can occasionally be found on islands. They are currently used to make sea water drinkable by placing it over a fire to distill.

Players are able to fill a bucket with water by simply submerging it in the sea; alternatively, the player can also allow the bucket to fill with rainwater. Once placed on a working fire, it will take approximately 1 minute and 30 seconds to filter the water. After it is finished, the player should take care to place it upright on the ground, to avoid spilling its contents. Setting down the bucket safely can done by looking at the horizon and dropping the bucket (default "Q"). One may then use an empty water bottle on the bucket to replenish the bottle.

As of update 0.11, the water collector is used to filter sea water.

If the player has discarded their bottle, it is also possible to drink the water directly from the bucket by holding it and pressing 'use' (default LMB).

Looking down with the bucket in hand or tilting the bucket in any way will drain the water out, so one should take care.

Known IssuesEdit

  • A known issue is that it doesn't matter if the player uses a Sea Water Bucket or a Fresh Water Bucket to fill their bottle, as both create drinkable water.
  • As long as the weather indicator on the watch is displaying the weather as raining, the bucket will fill with fresh water as if it were actually raining.
  • Sometimes, the bucket will refill with sea water instead of fresh water when it rains, despite having been completely emptied out.

Fixed IssuesEdit

  • Initially, the buckets could only be used once to filter sea water. After the initial filtering, buckets read "Bucket of Fresh Water" no matter what and will not change into fresh water over the fire again. This issue appears to have been fixed as of the v0.02 fix.