Bubbles are a game mechanic in Stranded Deep. They act as a type of indicator, appearing on the surface of the water directly above shipwrecks and plane wrecks.

Bubbles are only visible from afar between 9:00 and 15:30. During dawn and dusk, the bubbles will still be visible, but will be much harder to see due to the poor lighting.

Issues Edit

  • Since the bubbles' addition in the game's first alpha build, save-quitting and reloading the game causes all bubble markers to disappear from the map, effectively concealing all wreckages. This bug has been fixed following v0.03.

Tips Edit

  • Bubbles are much easier to see at night than during the day; the contrast of the bubbles' white-grey coloration against the black waters will make them easier to spot from a distance. However, unless the player holds a light source of some kind (e.g. a torch), it is recommended that they mark the bubbles' location and direction on the beach for day-time exploration rather than explore it at night, as the darkness will possibly prove to be disorienting.