Bosses are unique Creatures in Stranded Deep. They are crucial for story progression and must be defeated to reach the game's ending.


There are three bosses in the game, and each can be found in randomised sections of the map. On the cartographer screen, they are represented by the red skull icons. The bosses are:

You can find more detailed information and possible approaches for every boss on their respective pages.


Boss icon.png

Each boss has unique combat abilities. They are difficult to fight, and require a lot of preparation. During combat, you are almost guaranteed to pickup the Bleeding status effect. Do not underestimate the bosses.

Each boss will require a different amount of ammo or weapons. Most commonly used weapons are speargun, crude spear, refined spear and refined axe. You will consume less weapons and time depending on your hunting level.

It is highly recommended to bring along bandages, food and breath boost if you like fighting underwater. Try to fight them in the morning when the water is clear while having full health, hunger and thirst.


Defeating each of the bosses grants you the ability to craft aircraft parts in order to repair the damaged Aircraft found atop the Aircraft Carrier. These three parts are the Aircraft rudder, engine and propeller parts.

You also gain the ability to craft trophies to commemorate your victory.

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