Beans Icon
A can of beans. Could probably be broken or hit open.
Storable Yes / 4
Usages Fills 1 bar of Hunger
Life Span Unopened = Indefinite

Beans are an uncommon consumable item found in Stranded Deep. They can be found hidden inside cabinets or lockers contained within shipwrecks. When initially acquired, the can of beans will remain sealed until opened. Players can open the can with a sharp tool, such as a pocket knife, in order to access the contents.

Consuming a can of beans empties the entire can in one serving. When consumed, beans fill two units of the player's hunger bar.

Trivia Edit

  • Like other loot items, despite spending a considerable amount of time inside underwater shipwrecks, the can of beans manages to remain almost completely well-preserved, to the point where its contents are still considered safe to eat without bringing any side effects with it.
  • If closely inspected, one may be able to read the inscriptions on the can itself: the brand name (Beanz-O-Beanz), the brand year (1954), the product name (Baked Beans With Tomato Sauce) and "26 varieties". Also visible is a best-before date, which is printed as being on either the 12th of May, 2025 (if read using the European date format) or the 5th of December, 2025 (if read using the US date format).
    • The printed best-before date may open up windows for speculation on different details of the game, such as the period of time the game takes place in:
      • Given that the player's watch does not display the year that the game's events take place, and taking into account the can of beans' printed best-before date, it can be safely assumed that the game takes place sometime in the near-future (sometime in the 2020s).
      • The fact that the beans are still considered safe to eat by the time the player finds them implies that the shipwrecks that the beans can be found in sank just recently; with this in mind, the wrecks' extremely decayed and brittle appearances are assumed to be due in part to years of operation.
  • The can's appearance and label inscriptions are similar to those of Heinz-branded baked beans.

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