The backpack is a gameplay mechanic in Stranded Deep.

The backpack is available by default from the start of the game, and is permanently affixed to the player. It is used to transport almost every type of item currently available in the game. Items can be placed in the backpack by interacting with them. Pressing the 'inventory' button will open the backpack, allowing the player to select an item to either use or drop.

There are currently fifteen slots available in the backpack to store different items. When placing items of the same type into the backpack, they will become stacked, for a maximum of four in each slot; in total, players can hold a combined maximum of 60 items in their backpack. When storing food items that can be cooked, both the raw and cooked form will be stacked together, thus the player will have to pay attention when consuming the food/water while it is being held, as to not consume the raw form and become sick.

Issues[edit | edit source]

  • As of v0.02.H1, after emptying an item slot, the next item in the player's backpack will not auto-populate that spot until the player opens the backpack. Emptying more than one item will require the backpack to be opened once for each slot. However, picking up an item will fill the first available slot.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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