The Aloe plant is a type of plant in Stranded deep. It can be found on most islands in pairs.


An aloe vera plant is a green plant with an orange-ish flower on top of it. It can be spotted pretty easily due to its height, distinguishable color and spike-like grass on its bottom. They can be found on most islands, usually in pairs near each other. They will never regrow by themselves, but can be planted into a farming plot to produce an infinite amount of them.

They can be picked up and stored up to 4 per slot.


Aloe plants are mostly used for crafting aloe salves and simply consuming them: consumption will completely restore the player's SPF meter, which, when depleted, will cause sunstroke; aloe salves will protect the player from receiving UV light for a few in-game hours.

Because it is farmable, it can be grown in farming plots, each yielding 1 (will not need to be replanted) every 2-3 days. If the player does not want to keep growing the plant and replace it with something else, they can remove them with a crude hoe.


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