The Aircraft is what you use to end the game in Stranded Deep. It requires all three Aircraft Parts which you get by beating the three bosses - Lusca the Great, The Great Abaia and Megalodon. It will also require the player to fill up a couple Jerrycans full of Fuel to fly home, and will require you to stock up on massive amounts food and water. Speedrunning the ending is within the realm of possibilities, but is quite hard to do because of the sheer amount of supplies you would need to acquire.

Location[edit | edit source]

The Aircraft is found on an old seabase of some kind, possibly an ancient aircraft carrier. It could also be some form of Sea Fort, because both were old bases used in wars. It is found randomly on the Map, partially beaches on some sand. There is no loot inside and outside the base, but that may change later.

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